Japanese Industrial Interpreter

Interpreting and Translating for Industry
Joji is a Japanese to English translator and a consecutive interpreter. Joji Matsuo Born in Japan and raised bi-culturally in the US and Japan, Joji is fluent in both languages and has no detectable accent in either language. Joji is also an avid homebrewer and a semi-professional close-up magician.


Certified Translator, Japan Translation Association (JTA), 1989 Past Director, Japan Association of Translators (JAT), 1992 to 1993


May 2008 to Present

Industrial translator and interpreter

Joji has interpreted at every step of the custom-machine building process, from specifications development to kick-off meetings, and then from factory acceptance tests to final installation and site acceptance. A multiple role player, Joji knows how to facilitate the communication process that goes into selling and building automated machinery. This gives him the unique ability to grasp the situation and mitigate cultural differences in any business environment. Joji also translates manuals, specifications, websites, and other material. November 1994 to March 2016

Sankyo Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

International Accounts Manager

Worked with Fortune 500 companies in: Denmark, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, UK, and the US; and other industry-leading companies in: China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Korea. Coordinated teams of mechanical and electrical engineers tasked with the design and build of customized automated machinery. Managed international machine development projects for:
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing (including aseptic processes)
  • Metal stamping
  • Food and beverage can making
  • Electronic component manufacturing
  • Vision based inspection and packaging machines.

Automation Engineer

Developed manufacturing techniques and provided solutions using motion control technology based on indexers and servo motors.
  • Skills: motion controllers, vision inspection systems, automation and instrumentation development.
  • Experience with PLCs, HMIs, SCADAs, DAQ systems.
  • Programming C++, C, ladder logic programs.

Quality Control Manager

Developed FS, DS, IQ, OQ, and other equipment qualification protocols according to GAMP 4 standards. Developed ISO 9001 QMS. For a complete resume, please contact us.